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We buy with our eyes ‘therefore image is everything.
Studies have shown that humans process images 60,000 times faster than words, and the brain retains 80 percent of the images it sees versus only 20 percent of what it reads.

Social media marketing follows the same trend, too, with 80 percent of marketers using images and other visuals in their marketing on that platform. More than 75% of businesses that have used videos for marketing and promotion say that their videos have given them a good return on their investment, while 93% say that these videos have helped their customers understand their product or service better.

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Video is a powerful medium

that can help businesses connect with their customers and create human interaction at scale. B2B & B2C video marketing has become an integral part of businesses' marketing mix.

Videos are very important

for Google and if you want to improve your video content for search engine optimization we will create compelling and relevant content with integrated google maps.

From budget stock-video based

and drone video photography to personalised company ads including interviews and service explained.

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Increase your sell by video ads

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We will prepare well-scripted,

well-designed promotional video and upload it to your website or social media account .

Social media video

is a powerful way to engage your followers. But it’s different on every single platform. In Artorian we know how to deliver more personalised experiences and see higher rates and deals closed faster.

Our team of editors

has the skills, experience, and expertise to create amazing content that will engage with your prospects and drive meaningful results.We will help you to make your video become the key to successful top of the tunnel of your marketing campaign.

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