NFC Metal Business Cards

The Future of the Business Cards.
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NFC Metal business Cards Contactless or QR code technology

Using QR code and Near Field Communication  technology, the Artorian’s NFC metal business card can share all of your information when tapped against a smartphone.

No more messing around with old paper business cards, put all the information right where people spend most of their time – their phone!

 (NFC) allows the transfer of data between devices that are a few centimeters apart, typically back-to-back.

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NFC business card can save all your details in seconds

NFC is one of those terms that Apple brings up with every new iPhone. Yet, many users still have no clue what it means and how to use it. Nevertheless, the functionality can be explained quickly: NFC is a radio technology that enables data to be transmitted between devices over a short distance – a maximum of 1,6 in – and is therefore similar to the well-known Bluetooth technology. Since the successful exchange of data requires the immediate proximity of transmitter and receiver, NFC is particularly secure because it’s more difficult to spy out the device.

We will create for you.

  • Metal / PVC business card
  • A mini website with your business details and services.
  • The QR code and NFC with link to your mini-website
  • After tapped all your details will be transferred to the client’s phone.
  • simply save in contacts 

NFC opens up new possibilities

As a result, NFC opens up new possibilities for consumer goods. RFID and NFC are related, which can cause some confusion over when to use one over the other. We will write a separate article about it, but to give a general idea. NFC is best used to transfer a range of data over short distances. Its prevalence in access control and payment applications. RFID is more suited to faster-moving environments. It is most often used for vehicle access control and asset management purposes. RFID is less secure than NFC.  

NFC tags usually take the form of a sticker.

 Each sticker is made up of two components that work together to form a functional device. Those are the antenna and a small system on a chip. Due to the relatively small amount of memory available NFC tags usually contain URL or other text records. From a user perspective, NFC works like magic. To in teract user’s device you will need to bring it within range of an NFC tag and it is immediately presented with the corresponding content.

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