NFC Business Cards

Why must you have NFC business cards?

Convenient and efficient

Contactless data transfer
Durable and environmentally friendly
Personalised design with laser marking

“One card for life”

No need for reprint to change contact information
Connect with clients on all social media platforms
Never run out of business cards again

Update your details anytime from anywhere

Access your portfolio through our web portal
Simply update your information with the touch of your finger

What is an NFC business card?

Our Contactless NFC Business Cards are not only durable and environmentally friendly, but they also feature laser marking and a sleek, personalized design. You no longer have to worry about spreading germs or the transmission of any disease. But that’s not all. With a tap of a smartphone and a save button on the NFC-enabled phone, your new contacts can be transferred. The info includes your website, social media and portfolio. Your clients can now connect with you on LinkedIn, and Instagram, make a call or send an email. You’ll never run out of business cards again and all it takes is one save button on the mobile phone.

Contactless NFC Business Cards, also offer QR Code engraved on the card. Storing and sharing all your information and links to your social media profiles and website has never been easier. Digital Business Cards can be shared via email or messaging apps. Our Contactless NFC, QR Code are not only convenient and efficient, but they also add a touch of innovation to your professional image. A “one card for life” solution, means you won’t have to worry about printing new cards every time you change job title or your contact information. Introducing the Contactless NFC Business Card, the ultimate solution for all your networking needs.

Welcome to the future of networking

NFC Business Cards Are Better

You will only need one to share your information with an unlimited number of potential customers.

You can instantly and for free update your details.

Teams and businesses of all sizes benefit greatly from Artorian NFC Business Cards.

You will never run out of business cards ever again.

See what our customers say

Artorian digital marketing team's NFC business card really amazed me. The functionality is really convenient, and the quality and design are excellent.

Edward Woo

I love how easy my phone can transfer the information. The design and incorporation of my brand were excellently done by Jared.

Brittany Fox

Contactless business card is a must-have for any professional looking to stay connected in today's fast-paced business world. It's efficient, convenient, and makes a great first impression.

Samantha Gilbert

f you know how important it is to make first impression in business you will never regret to have one of this card in your wallet.

Vanessa Martin
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